What is dissemination?

Dissemination refers to the process of sharing information, results and deliverables of the REQUITE project with patients, the scientific community and the general public. Dissemination is essential for take-up.

Dissemination plan

To ensure that the project outcomes will be taken up,  a dissemination plan was developed. The dissemination plan (see attachment below) specifies how the outcomes will be shared with stakeholders, relevant institutions, organisations, and individuals. Specifically, the REQUITE dissemination plan includes: the dissemination objectives, the intended target group, and, the dissemination activities.

ISRCTN number REQUITE:  https://doi.org/10.1186/ISRCTN98496463

The ISRCTN number for requite can be quoted on all publications: ISRCTN98496463 – Validating predictive models and biomarkers of radiotherapy toxicity to reduce side-effects and improve quality-of-life in cancer survivors. When quoting the ISRCTN, please make sure that no space is inserted between the ISRCTN and the actual number.   For further guidance notes about how to use the ISRCTN see the FAQs at www.isrctn.com