Work package 4: Biomarker Assays


1. To validate published biomarkers of radiosensitivity.


2. To establish standard operating procedures and quality assurance processes for an apoptosis radiosensitivity assay and carry out apoptosis assays on 1,800 patients.


3. To select genetic markers for validation.


4. To integrate biomarker data with clinical models and investigate their ability to predict for risk of side-effects/improve risk prediction over use of clinical models alone.




4.1) Produce standard operating procedure for apoptosis assays and place on REQUITE website.


4.2) Produce report for number of apoptosis assays completed and provide initial descriptive analysis on REQUITE website: Person months to carry out this apoptosis work are within 'other direct costs'. To read this report click here


4.3) Report on the selection of SNPs and copy number variants for validation, the genotyping of samples and descriptive analysis on REQUITE website. To read report click here