Successful Radiogenomics Consortium Meeting and Final Requite Meeting in Manchester

The 11th annual RGC meeting was held at the Manchester Cancer Research Centre - Manchester’s newest cancer research facility on July 16th, 2018.  The Radiogenomics Consortium members presented the latest developments in the research on genetics of toxicity induced radiotherapy.
  • The first day of the Final REQUITE Symposium (17th July, 8:30-17:30, CityLabs) was open to REQUITE consortium members and invited guests. There was an update from all the various Work Packages, presentations of results from various studies and feedback from the Patient Advisory Group and the Scientific Advisory Board, followed by an open discussion about Data sharing and the Maintenance of the Database and Biobank.
  • The Final REQUITE Symposium Dissemination day, (18th July, 9:30-16:15, CityLabs) was open to all and gave feedback to stakeholders on the impact of REQUITE and the availability of the REQUITE resource for future research.

    Of particular note was a personal talk by a REQUITE patient from Leuven who shared her experiences of being a cancer patient. She explained why she chose to participate in REQUITE commenting that the patient information and consent form were very clear and highlighted (importantly) that data would be used for other research. She described that the patient should be central in the decision making process on treatment and it should not be a pretence that the patient is involved - after all it’s ‘personalised treatment’ and an ‘informed treatment decision’. Her perspectives and opinions on life have changed considerably over this cancer journey and now “more than ever [she] believes that research and innovation make the difference, and that precision medicine will make it all much better”.