REQUITE article: The Patient Perspective on Radiogenomics Testing for Breast Radiation Toxicity published in Clinical Oncology!

The article: "The Patient Perspective on Radiogenomics Testing for Breast Radiation Toxicity" from T.Rattay, P. Symonds, S.Shokuhi. C.J. Talbot and J.B.Schnur, has been published in Clinical Oncology, Volume 30, Issue 3, March 2018, Pages 151-157.

In the field of radiogenomics, several potential predictive genetic markers have been identified that are associated with individual susceptibility to radiation toxicity. Predictive models of radiation toxicity incorporating radiogenomics and other biomarkers are being developed as part of the ongoing multicentre REQUITE trial. The purpose of this study was to explore patient attitudes towards future predictive radiogenomics testing for breast radiation toxicity.

Results from the present study indicate that patients support and have confidence in the validity of a radiogenomics test for breast radiation toxicity, but they would prefer the result be provided to healthcare professionals. Except in cases of significant chronic symptoms and pain or significant end-organ damage, participants in this study rarely felt that advance knowledge of their personal risk of breast radiation toxicity would influence their treatment decision-making. These findings provide a number of insights that will allow us to anticipate how patients are likely to engage with predictive radiogenomics testing in the future.

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