Report on apoptosis test in REQUITE is available on the website.

There is previous evidence that a blood test called the RILA test can be used to predict side effects from radiotherapy. The REQUITE project is trying to confirm this in large numbers of breast, prostate and lung cancer patients. Early experiments helped to standardise the test across the three European universities where the test was being carried out: Leicester, Montpellier and Mannheim. Further testing was then carried out in over 1300 patients, with similar results being found in the three laboratories. It was discovered that various factors affected results of the test, the most important being cancer type and whether the patients smoked. This will be important for future use of the test. As the REQUITE project continues we will be able to determine whether the test does predict radiotherapy side effects. That would allow future clinical trials that optimise a patient’s treatment based on their personal risk of serious side effects.

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