Patient Advisory Group

The patient advisory group will comprise 4 members  identified from the clinical partners. The group will provide input into the project from a patient’s perspective and advise on dissemination and implementation of a trial design.

Patient Representatives

Hilary Stobart is a retired medical physicist and is a breast cancer patient who has had radiotherapy.  She has been involved as patient representative on several studies. She is a patient member of the UK NCRI Clinical and Translational Radiotherapy Working Group (CT Rad) and the UK NCRI Breast Clinical Studies Group. She is also a member of the EORTC UK Patient Liaison Group which reviews patient information sheets for EORTC studies.She is additionally a member of Independent Cancer Patients' Voice (ICPV), a patient-led charity who work to involve patients in cancer research. United Kingdom.

Tim Ward is a retired biomedical translational scientist who worked within the Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology Group of the Manchester Cancer Research Centre (formally the Paterson Institute). He was responsible for the development, validation and implementation of assays used by the group in early phase I/II clinical trials. Tim has over 30 years experience in Cancer Research, principally Anticancer Drug Development and was involved in the development of a number of drugs which entered early clinical trials. He was a member of the Cancer Research UK New Agents committee (NAC) 2010- 2012. Tim was diagnosed with locally advanced prostate cancer in 2011 and underwent radiotherapy in 2012. As a result his current scientific interest now centres on sensitivity to radiotherapy in cancer patients, in particular those who have had Pelvic Radiotherapy. Tim serves as a trustee of the Pelvic Radiation Disease Association the only UK charity supporting patients who are suffering side effects from their radiotherapy.

Liz Isler is a Reg. Nurse AKP, Reg. Patient Administration Manager PAM, Reg. Medical Secretary HWS, Reg. Teacher for Adult Education FHBW – HSW. 1991 she founded the first Palliative Home Care for AIDS Patients Centre in Switzerland. She is president, founder and CEO of Swiss Forum Lung Cancer and MS (Multiple Sclerosis) International Mobility Network as well as vice-president, secretary and co-founder of the Swiss Patient Coalition. She is co-founder of Lung Cancer Europe LuCE and secretary of Europa Uomo Switzerland (EUS). Liz is member of GLCC, LuCE, ECPC, EUS, IASLC, SMSG, etc. and holds seats nationally and internationally in several expert groups such as IASLC, ESMO, BAG and in committees in Switzerland. 1998 she acted politically to prevent the launching of a for patients dangerously planned new law concerning alternative medicine (not complementary) – 15 Proposals were deposited by her and 14 were taken up in the new Medical Law. In August 2015 Liz was elected as the first Swiss National EUPATI Ambassador. Since Oktober 2015 she is member of the study board nationale MS-Regsiter in Switzerland.

Erik Briers  holds a doctorate in Chemistry (1979) from the University of Leuven, Belgium. From 1979 until 1980 he was Head of the Department for Biochemistry, new technologies and quality assurance at the Central Medical Laboratory in Antwerp, Belgium. From 1980 to 1982 he worked as Head of scientific services for bioMérieux in the Benelux, managing its scientific affairs. In 1982 he founded a biotech company ECO-BIO and spent the next eight years as CEO. Since 1990 Erik has been CEO of Beta Ventures. He is guest lecturer at the KU Leuven, Belgium. Erik’s strong social involvement within patient organisations began after his own prostate cancer diagnosis in 2001 and successful radical prostatectomy treatment with no signs of recurrences until today. He joined the Belgian patient support group “Us Too Belgium” and represented the group as one of the founders of the European umbrella organisation EUROPA UOMO. Today he is board member of “Us Too Belgium”. For this organisation he is also the editor of the magazine “PROSTAATinfo”. He was the Executive Director of the European Cancer Patient Coalition organisation (ECPC) (2012-2013) and ad interim Executive Director of EPPOSI (2014) a multi-stakeholder think tank in health policy-making. He is a member of the patient board of the European Society of Radiologists (ESR), Belgium.