Poster based on first prostate cancer patients in Requite project at DEGRO 2016!

At the DEGRO 2016: The German Society for Radiation oncology meeting in cooperation with the Austrian society for radiation oncology, radiobiology and medical Radiophysics (ÖGRO) in Mannheim, Germany from 16-19 June 2016 a REQUITE poster was shown: "Akute Nebenwirkungen bei Standardfraktionierung versus Hypofraktionierung, Ergebnisse der Auswertung von Arzt- und Patientenangaben".  The researchers looked at the side effects in prostate cancer patients receiving standard fractionation doses versus higher fractionation doses. The first results are based on both Patient Reported Outcomes and acute toxicity assessment by the physician according to CTCAE guidelines in the first 500 prostate cancer patients in the REQUITE project.