Weiss medal awarded to Prof. dr. Catharine West!

Professor of Radiation Biology , Catharine West, from the Institute of Cancer Sciences and also the chief investigator from the REQUITE study, has recently been awarded the 2016 Weiss medal by the Association for Radiation Research.

Professor West will formally receive the award at the Association’s annual meeting in July where she will also present the award lecture.

Commenting on her award she said: “It is a honour to be awarded this prestigious medal and to be following in the footsteps of so many illustrious radiation researchers including several from Manchester.”

Professor West’s research into effective radiotherapy is carried out within the Translational Radiobiology Group based at The Christie Hospital in Manchester. Her research focuses on trying to predict how cancer patients respond to radiotherapy with a particular interest in measuring radiosensitivity and hypoxia.  She was instrumental in setting up an international Radiogenomics Consortium, which is identifying the genetic determinants of radiotherapy toxicity.

The Weiss medal is presented annually in memory of Joe Weiss, Professor of Radiation Chemistry and active member of the AAR whose research projects with Haber in the 1930’s are widely-known as landmarks in chemical science.

Weiss Medallists are nominated by the Chairman of the Association for Radiation Research, after suitable consultations, as having made distinguished contributions to radiation science.